[CentOS] How to disable screen locking system-wide?

Thu Jan 20 20:09:54 UTC 2011
Keith Keller <kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us>

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 09:51:28AM -0500, Robert Spangler wrote:
> On Thursday 20 January 2011 09:14, Ross Walker wrote:
> >
> >  KDE has a multi-user x login feature that allows another user to start a
> > new session keeping the existing session active.
> And if that doesn't work you could always;
> Press CTRL+ALT+F2-6
> Logon
> Start a new X session with 'statrx -- :1'

There is (IIRC) a subtle difference between these two: the former will
attempt to execute ~/.xsession, whereas the latter will attempt to execute
~/.xinitrc.  If you have neither of these files it shouldn't make much
difference, but if you have one, or have both but are different, it
might not result in what the user expects.  (It's obviously an easy fix
if you know about it, but not at all obvious if you don't.)


kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us

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