[CentOS] How to disable screen locking system-wide?

Thu Jan 20 20:33:39 UTC 2011
Mike McCarty <Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net>

Rudi Ahlers wrote:


> User accounts also doesn't mean much to me. I know how it sounds, but
> I care more about the data than the user's account. As long as I can
> access whatever I want, whenever I want.

ISTM that you have "control issues". Access to data is what counts,
and you've got that by your own statement. Since that's the case,
I suggest that there isn't going to be any change in your stance,
no matter what arguments get presented. You have an emotional attachment
to this issue, and rational argument isn't going to make progress.

What might make a difference would be addressing the emotional content
of your statements. That's something better done in another venue, I

The bottom line with you seems to be "because I _want_ it that way."

I suspect that no rational argument is going to change the desire
to feel the degree of control over your machines and employees that
you have.

That's not necessarily a criticism, BTW. In this particular case,
it seems excessive to me. However, you are you, and "you" (your
company) have paid for something, and you want a certain degree
of control.

I like to control what's on my machine, too, as another thread

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