[CentOS] cloning a server

Thu Jan 20 20:49:46 UTC 2011
Corey A Johnson <cjohnson at cniweb.net>

PA wrote:
> Hi, I have a centos 5 (current) mail server that I have compiled 
> dovecot/postfix and installed some packages like mysql etc. These 
> packages have been configured and changed to my liking. How can I now 
> save all this and install it on another server without having to do 
> all the work of compiling installing and configuring the same 
> applications. Is it possible to burn this server image into multiple 
> DVD’s make it bootable and then install on another server.
> Basically I want to clone this server and make it easy to install on 
> another similar hardware server without having to install centos and 
> then manually installing/configuring dovecot/postfix/mysql etc. Not 
> sure if I can create a bootable ISO that will install on new servers 
> or what my options are. I would appreciate any suggestions.
> Paul
We use Clonezilla for this sort of thing.


Have had decent success with this.