[CentOS] cloning a server

Fri Jan 21 02:40:54 UTC 2011
Spiro Harvey <spiro at knossos.net.nz>

> Basically I want to clone this server and make it easy to install on
> another similar hardware server without having to install centos and
> then manually installing/configuring dovecot/postfix/mysql etc. Not
> sure if I can create a bootable ISO that will install on new servers
> or what my options are. I would appreciate any suggestions. 

We use Kickstart. 

You can build a customised Kisckstart script to install anything you
want. Just put custom config files accessible off a web server, and you
can just copy those over as part of the setup. Or package them up into
your own RPMs and run your own repo. In fact, if you're doing several
of these, it's probably recommended to run your own repo with the base
and updates for speed and bandwidth savings.

You can have kickststart run a "yum update" so each box will have the
latest updates as at install time.

Your boot CD or flash stick can auto-boot the kickstart files, so all
you have to do is insert the media and turn the box on. Once it's done,
all you have to do is reboot and you're ready to go.

Spiro Harvey                           Knossos Networks Ltd
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