[CentOS] how to set imagemagicks tmp folder?

Fri Jan 21 15:10:28 UTC 2011
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

On 1/21/2011 4:14 AM, S Mathias wrote:
> my /tmp is too small [when i want to use "convert"]. how can i set imagemagick, to use an other tmp folder, what has enough space?

I'm not going to tell you to go away as some others have done, but I
will give you a few tips that will help you get more answers to your
questions and fewer flames.

This list is mostly populated by people who enjoy working with computers
and solving problems.  We enjoy figuring out how to do something.  We
enjoy helping other people solve their problems.  However, we expect
that people do some research of their own before coming here.  We are a
community of people who enjoy helping each other, not an unpaid tech
support service.

1) Do some research on your own.  Search Google.  Read the man pages. 
Check the FAQs on the program website (if applicable).

2) When you ask the question, let us know what you have already tried. 
Don't lie about it, either.  If you say you have read the man page, but
we know the answer to your question is plainly stated there, you are
going to get flamed.

3) Don't be upset if the answer you get is a pointer to look somewhere
else.  Go there and look.  If you still can't find the answer, let us
know and someone may be willing to give a more specific reference.

4) Ask the question in the right place.  This list is great and has lots
of smart people, but it is not the proper place for all questions.  Your
question about Imagemagick would probably be better asked in an
Imagemagick forum.  Off-topic questions are not strictly forbidden, but
points 1-3 are even more important if your question is off-topic.  It is
also a good idea to explain WHY you are asking an off-topic question on
this list rather than somewhere else.

The main point is this:  We want to help you fix your problem.  We don't
want to do all the work for you.  If you do not show that you are
willing to attempt to find the solution yourself, you are not likely to
get much help from us.