[CentOS] rsync via crontab spawns over 20 processes

Fri Jan 21 20:08:34 UTC 2011
Jay Leafey <jay.leafey at mindless.com>

aurfalien at gmail.com wrote:

> No hard links, some sym links.
> But I see what you are saying.
> Here is my crontab entry via /etc/crontab
> * 22 * * * root rsync --delete -avvH --progress source target
> - aurf

So you want rsync to run every minute in the 10 PM hour?  I think that 
first "*" needs to be replaced with a number designating the minute 
within the hour during which you want it to start.  What you have there 
would kick off separate jobs at 22:00, 22:01, 22:02, etc.

Jay Leafey - jay.leafey at mindless.com
Memphis, TN
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