[CentOS] [OT] old kit and kaboodle, obFriday (was:Re: Is it okay?)

Sat Jan 22 03:36:00 UTC 2011
Leonard den Ottolander <leonard at den.ottolander.nl>

Hello Benjamin,

On Fri, 2011-01-21 at 14:35 -0800, Benjamin Smith wrote:
> I would suggest "Damn Small Linux". It seems taylor made for stuff like this. 

The problem with many of these special purpose distros is that they are
usually poorly maintained wrt updates. A minimal install of a mainstream
distro like CentOS shouldn't take up much more than a GB, and if you put
in some effort to strip out excess packages even half of that. DSL is
really more of a distro to put on embedded hardware.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research