[CentOS] how to control Hard Drive light from Linux?

Sat Jan 22 22:48:59 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 01/22/11 2:03 PM, Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know how to control a hard drive light from Linux? I'm
> building a 24bay Linux File server which will run software RAID and I
> need an easy way for the engineers to see which HDD has gone bad.
> Most of our NAS devices has 2 lights on the hard drive cages and they
> automatically signal a bad one (reg light, light constant on , etc)
> but I can't figure out how todo this from Linux.

i can't answer your actual question, but generally those backplanes have 
a "SAF-TE" or "SES" chip on them which appears as a seperate SCSI/SAS 
device, and the system communicates with this to manage drive status 
includinng indicators.   I have no idea how you get this working in 
Linux, however, but maybe this is sufficient clue to help find your answer