[CentOS] Missing Dependency

Sun Jan 23 00:07:31 UTC 2011
Terry Hickey <lists at khtech.ca>

I'm not sure what the problem is here. I asked a simple question. If I did
not give enough or gave the the wrong information, a simple message to that
end would have been good. I don't have a bunch of letters behind my name. I
am almost entirely self taught. I started with Linux in 1995 on an old
slackware server a very knowledgeable man built for me and was my remote
lifeline for the first couple of years. Since then I have built and ran
probably 15 Internet servers ranging from old slackware stuff to Redhat. I
just retired my last Redhat 9 server a while ago. I currently have in
service Gentoo, Fedora, CentOS and a Cacti Monitoring server that I can't
remember the flavor of Linux they built it on. When I get a problem I don't
know what to do, I Google or go to one of my many bookmarked sites. Or, I
ask someone if all else fails.

So, I was designing a Web Site and one of the scripts didn't work. Looking
at the error logs and googling the error led me to determine my PHP needed
an upgrade and even listed a painless way to do it. However, it didn't work
because of a missing dependency. I had not found the answer about to how to
fix the dependency problem and, I had joined this list about a week ago. I
have been very impressed with the quality of most of the posts so I thought
I would ask here.

I am not really interested if the version of PHP came bundled with 4.8 or
not. It seems it didn't. I probably upgraded it to fix another error I was
getting. I thought I had given all the relative information with my first
question. Sorry for bothering you.


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> Karanbir Singh wrote on Sat, 22 Jan 2011 16:29:42 +0000:
>> Quite an irrelevant point Kai, its shipped in the centosplus repo[1] and
>> this is the centos list, making this the perfect place to bring up the
>> issue.
> Karanbir, you are in the wrong thread. I didn't question the location for
> the topic, I questioned the quality of information.
> Kai
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