[CentOS] Why one shouldn't cross post [was: putting "/tmp" to memory]

Mon Jan 24 13:33:47 UTC 2011
Leonard den Ottolander <leonard at den.ottolander.nl>

On Sun, 2011-01-23 at 21:00 -0500, Mailing List wrote:
> I can not see the reason to why his question is being scrutinized.  If I needed an
> answer whether it be homework or legitimate work I was doing, I would ask where ever
> I thought I would get the right answer.

Cross posting, especially such basic questions is frowned upon. It's a
very selfish attitude, childish even, as in "I need everyone's attention
and I need it right now". It shows you don't appreciate the effort
people put into answering your questions and you don't care about
wasting resources. If you post to the correct list your question will
most probably be answered fairly quickly.

Please have a look at f.e.

or put something like "cross posting mailing lists netiquette" in your
favourite search engine. Do some reading about how people expect you to
behave before posting to mailing lists.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research