[CentOS] unable to check in code to svn when files contain spaces or characters

Mon Jan 24 14:06:35 UTC 2011
cpolish at surewest.net <cpolish at surewest.net>

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> Agnello George wrote:
> > i got a file like this and i need add it into my svn
> >
> > admin/upload_data/FINAL  leg  list  19_01_2010 to  agar  (Merged data in
> > one).xls
> First: don't do this, seriously. You're begging for pain in your
> scripting to handle such files from now on.
> > i as able to add other files with space using the following command :
> >
> >  svn st |grep ? |cut -c8- |sed 's/ /\\ /g' |xargs svn add
> Second, stop playing with xargs in command line handling. It is not your friend.

That seems harsh. Can you explain? It's been my experience
that using "find mumble/ -print0 | xargs -0 mumble" almost
always provides a way to process arbitrary file names. But
maybe this particular case can't be shoehorned into that

Best regards,
Charles Polisher