[CentOS] kernel update

Mon Jan 24 22:26:22 UTC 2011
mahmoud mansy <jecko617 at gmail.com>

well,i meant to upgrade to the RHEL kernel and its module
,libraries,headers if found of course but what i meant is there any
issue with that  i.e no piece of software work with that module or

and the main problem is that i wanna take the RHCE and the best
suggested OS is centos not fedora and i wanna run it on my laptop
which i tried to do so with the centos 5.5 but there was so many
miisings like the wireless card driverr and the display card drivers
so i  am back to fedora 14 which i am using now  and i wanna run
oracle databse over linux which has some issues with fedora!
such a dillama???
i think i make  a clear picture now!
any suggestions?