[CentOS] kernel security issues

Tue Jan 25 17:11:47 UTC 2011
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 01/25/2011 12:59 PM, Dave wrote:
>> vanilla one for the same version isnt really that actively maintained is
>> it ? Also, the EL kernels contain a fair bit of backports which makes
>> things a bit more interesting.
> Not sure. That's why I'm asking for.
> eg 2.6.32>> (longterm)
> are there only improvements but no fixes?

the CentOS-5 kernel is at 2.6.18 ( as based ) with a 2xx TAG for 
release. It contains backports from newer kernels, added hardware 
support from upstream and fix's + enhancements from the 2.6.18 base.

> On the other hand EL kernels are as far as I got information from here
> more adapted to Industry needs. So they have special code added vanilla
> kernels don't have.
> Right?

That is perhaps one ( a marketing person spun ? ) way of looking at things.

- KB