[CentOS] Recommendation for a Linux alternative to Centos - ATH9K disaster

Thu Jan 27 05:22:38 UTC 2011
Always Learning <centos at g7.u22.net>

On Wed, 2011-01-26 at 09:58 -0500, Brian Mathis wrote:

> You may not be aware of the "locate" command?  Nightly there is a job
> that runs (updatedb) that scans the disk and saves file locations.
> Locate searches this database instead of you have to do a 'find'.  The
> only thing it won't get are files that were added since the last
> 'updatedb' run.  You can run that whenever you want to update the db,
> or use find in those cases.

Thanks for the explanation. Now I know why locate never usually worked
for me - it hadn't updated.

find is fast, especially when I restrict the search paths.


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