[CentOS] SSH Automatic Log-on Failure - Centos 5.5

Thu Jan 27 15:13:18 UTC 2011
Always Learning <centos at g7.u22.net>

On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 10:01 -0500, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:

> Always Learning wrote:

> > You haven't seen my long and difficult (for others) password (uppercase,
> > lowercase, and digits). It is unlikely ever to succumb to brute
> > force. :-)
> Ah, no. Where can you log in as root from? If it's anywhere outside the
> intranet, bad, bad, bad.

Blush, blush .... access is on a non-standard port and then restricted
to a few IP addresses.  I don't want my servers taken over by others.

As a basic policy everything that can be changed from a default port is.
That means I have open 25 and 80. Everything else has a none-standard
port number of 4 or 5 digits. Definitely no 443. Every secure web
application has https and a different port and IP restrictions (in
the .htaccess).

I'm planning to experiment with mod_auth_mysql.


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