[CentOS] Ext4 on CentOS 5.5 x64

Thu Jan 27 16:58:19 UTC 2011
Jerry Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

On 01/27/2011 07:37 AM, James Hogarth wrote:
> On 27 January 2011 15:06, Sorin Srbu<sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>  wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> For those of you that have been using the ext4 technology preview on CentOS
>> 5.5, how has it panned out? Does it perform as expected? How do you feel the
>> stability, creation of the FS and the administration of it is? Ideas and
>> comments welcome.
> Well for what it's worth it worked out well enough for Redhat that it
> is a fully supported filesystem in 5.6 and the default in 6.0... same
> admin tools as ext3 so not much to learn as it were...

However, be very, ah, *cautious* about trying any ext4 options beyond 
the RH defaults. I tried creating some with extents and other 
non-default options yesterday and it immediately triggered kernel panics 
when I tried to mount the resulting file systems. On the other side, 
I've been running default ext4 options on CentOS5 on some machines for 
years now with no hiccups at all.

Benjamin Franz