[CentOS] Ext4 on CentOS 5.5 x64

Fri Jan 28 08:54:14 UTC 2011
Giuseppe Tanzilli - ServerPlan <giuseppe at serverplan.com>

it works just fine for me, but there is no quota support in the 5.5 ext4


Il 28/01/2011 08:51, Sorin Srbu ha scritto:
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>>> For those of you that have been using the ext4 technology preview on
>> CentOS 5.5, how has it panned out? Does it perform as expected? How do you
> feel the
>> stability, creation of the FS and the administration of it is? Ideas and
>> comments welcome.
>> I've recently been using ext4 because I have servers with large(ish)
> storage
>> volumes, and because I know that the next version of centos will support it
>> better than 5.5.
>> I only use it for storage, where I use rsync to copy terabytes of data to
>> and from the servers.
>> It works fine - it's been set and forget so far. Very fast read/write
>> speeds.
> Same story here. I'm building a new backup server from scratch (with no old
> data on it), and while ext3 is nice and stable it's also pretty slow when we
> start talking sevenish terabytes.
> My main concern is all the writing on the interweb regarding running an fsck
> and a tune2fs after having formatted the filesystem to ext4; some say you
> should while some say it isn't necessary. 
> 	Anyway, I get a bad block message when running fsck, and am not sure
> whether this is a interface problem between the chair and the monitor or
> something with the tech preview.
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