[CentOS] RAID support in kernel?

Sun Jan 30 20:35:11 UTC 2011
Michael Klinosky <mpk2 at enter.net>

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>> I'm setting up a computer that will run 'CentOS 6 server'.
> Sure about that? This is your first experience with CentOS/RHEL?

It'll run zoneminder (to create a dvr for video surveillance). I've been
using Cent5.3 (non-server) since it was released, and I used Fedora
before that (since FC 5 days). Actually, I might go back to Fedora for
my regular machine.

I decided on CentOS for the server for a couple reasons:
* I'm sticking with RH-style distros (I even got my 80 year old
non-computer savvy Mother to be comfortable with it!)
* zoneminder supports CentOS (they have a guide to set it up on Cent).

Robert wrote:
> You are generally *better off* to *disable* the motherboard RAID
> controller and use native Linux software RAID.

After my research, I'm realizing that linux doesn't quite support it.
So, I'll probably do as you suggested.

Rudi wrote:
> CentOS 6 hasn't been released yet.

Well, I meant when it gets released.    :)