[CentOS] Groups

Mon Jan 31 19:03:50 UTC 2011
Todd <slackmoehrle.lists at gmail.com>

> I can sftp I realize, but what group can I add my personal account to, but
> not root, so I can sftp in and put the files in /var/www/html?

Adding to this:

My son (who is 12) has his own domain now and is using iWeb to publish his
website to an old server that I have. Well he is getting a fair number of
visitors and is starting to expand his site and learn MySQL and PHP.

So I want to move his domain to my CentOS box away from the Windows and IIS
he is using now. No problem.

I want him to publish over SFTP.

1. I can create him an account on the box
2. I can set him as the owner of his directory in /var/www/html/<his domain>

My question is Would I make his users home directory /var/www/html/<his
domain> so he automatically gets dumped there?

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