[CentOS] How to relocate $HOME directory

Mon Jan 31 20:53:48 UTC 2011
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

On 01/31/2011 01:32 PM, Cameron Kerr wrote:
> On 1/02/2011, at 7:19 AM, Paul Heinlein<heinlein at madboa.com>  wrote:
> Lots of good advice snipped
>> 12. Tell your users emphatically that they should use $HOME anywhere
>>      they're tempted to hardwire their home directory path into a
>>      script. :-)
> Although this is still painful for any users who might have compiled their own software. (libraries, etc)
> In some environments this can be common.

That's why I have my home directory tree bind-mounted on /home .
In /etc/fstab:

      /var/home   /home  none   bind      0 0

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