[CentOS] set privoxy to rewrite http to https

Sat Jan 1 11:46:15 UTC 2011
S Mathias <smathias1972 at yahoo.com>

I use the

KB SSL Enforcer

so i could browse the net safer [i mean webserver <-> me] with using https, if available.

The problem is: e.g.: facebook...

if i go to 

that's ok, it's https.
But all the links are "http" on the site..
if i click on a "http" link, it will request the page on "http", and THEN it switches to "https". Heres the problem. 

How/where could i write a privoxy rule, to rewrite all the "http" links to "https"? [so that it would by always trully over https]

Are there any "general" rules (with privoxy), so that i don't have to write rules / site? 

with the KB SSL Enforcer its always first http, then it recognizes that the site can do https, than it switches to it. But i want to "bypass" the http part.

thank you for any information

Happy New Year!