[CentOS] automated remote cloning

Sat Jan 1 11:50:34 UTC 2011
Geoff Galitz <geoff at galitz.org>

Good morning/day and Happy New Year.

We have a geographically distributed environment (marketing speak: cloud) where we regularly need to migrate individual systems to new hardware (for bigger disks or for better geographical placement, for example).  We currently use Cobbler to do our base installs automatically and I am now looking at integrating Clonezilla with Cobbler.  The goal is take an *individual* system that has been customized and migrate it in an automated fashion.

We currently do this using Cobbler and then running rsync and mysqldump in a script along with other system -> userland module configurations (such as PHP modules) but the process is tedious and generally a PITA.  We also must have the ability to run this across different datacenters on different continents.

Any pointers to good automated solutions?  



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