[CentOS] Anaconda hangs using 100% CPU

Sun Jan 2 02:15:00 UTC 2011
cpolish at surewest.net <cpolish at surewest.net>

> I have been struggling with my first PXEboot today, using a
> kickstart with packages served over http on the local network.
> The details:
> - Anaconda is using 100% CPU


I got the PXE/kickstart going by sheer persistence.  It
eventually completed without hanging. Post-install the box
hung several times, generally with a kernel panic, sometimes
with only the flashing keyboard lights as a "tell".

In an attempt to diagnose a hardware issue I've run: 

- memtest86 6.5+ hours, 0 errors, 0 hangs.  Both motherboard &
  cpu have ECC enabled.

- bonnie++  1+ hours, 0 errors, 0 hangs.

- sys_basher is running now, it tests the floating point unit,
  the integer unit, RAM, and disk.

I'd hate to let this server loose in production as-is.
Does anyone have suggestions for other things I can test?
Charles Polisher