[CentOS] mount.cifs with kerberos

Mon Jan 3 19:56:25 UTC 2011
Adam Wead <amsterdamos at gmail.com>

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to mount windows shares with mount.cifs using kerberos
credentials?  I can get a kerberos ticket at login or use kinit and then
connect via smbclient:

> kinit username
> smbclient -k \\server\share

I'd like to be able to mount the share like this:

> mount.cifs //server/share /mnt -o user=username,sec=krb5

The above command returns: mount error 95 = Operation not supported
Using sec=krb5i returns: mount error 126 = Required key not available

Some of the stuff I read said that mount.cifs doesn't support kerberos yet,
but that wasn't recent.
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