[CentOS] cannot ping my virtual machine

Tue Jan 4 16:16:31 UTC 2011
benedict dcunha <sylvan.dcunha at gmail.com>

Dear All,

I had my earlier post sub virtual machine does not start up.. by the way i
did manage to solve my problem . i actually dont know what could be the real
cause but I did reconnect my cd rom drive and voila did come up
let me explain

i have a sun blade server which conects the keyboard  , mouse and cd rom
with a front panel USB cable . so the cd rom was removed and hence my
virtual servers were not starting up

but now i see a new problem.

i am not able to ping the gateway
let me explain

my sun blade has 2 network cards  wqith centos 5.5

one has a public ip and the other my internal network ip.

the gateway for my sun blade is the public ip

now from the sun server i can ping the gateway. also i can ping the private
network gateway both of which on my core switch

now my virtual machine has a private network ip ( the same network range as
the interface ip ) but when i try to ping the gateway i am not to ping

the public ip network and private ip network is on separate vlans

apprecite if some can advice and help me

if you need any more information plsss do ask


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