[CentOS] cron jobs fail to run

Wed Jan 5 12:29:05 UTC 2011
bluethundr <bluethundr at gmail.com>

hey centos

 long time no hear! :) I'm having a small issue where the backup jobs
that I set to run in the crontab of the backup user do not appear to
be running. Here's how I set it up (with crontab -e as the backup

run amanda every night (check at 2:45 and backup at 3)

45 2 * * * /usr/sbin/amcheck  /var/log/amanda/crontab/amcheck.log
* 3 * * * /usr/sbin/amdump  /var/log/amanda/crontab/amdump.log

The executables are where they are supposed to be and run if you type
them in on the command line:

[amandabackup at amanda ~]$ ls -l /usr/sbin/amcheck
-rwsr-x--- 1 root disk 68624 Dec 29 14:08 /usr/sbin/amcheck

[amandabackup at amanda ~]$ ls -l /usr/sbin/amdump
-rwxr-xr-x 1 amandabackup disk 9637 Dec 29 14:08 /usr/sbin/amdump

Although I'm not sure what the 's' indicates in the permissions of amcheck.

And here's a tail of the cron logs

[root at amanda init.d]# tail /var/log/cron
Jan  5 07:01:01 newamanda crond[13612]: (root) CMD (run-parts /etc/cron.hourly)
Jan  5 07:17:09 newamanda crontab[13652]: (amandabackup) BEGIN EDIT
Jan  5 07:18:00 newamanda crontab[13652]: (amandabackup) REPLACE (amandabackup)
Jan  5 07:18:00 newamanda crontab[13652]: (amandabackup) END EDIT (amandabackup)
Jan  5 07:18:01 newamanda crond[1448]: (amandabackup) RELOAD (cron/amandabackup)
Jan  5 07:18:39 newamanda crond[13686]: (CRON) STARTUP (V5.0)
Jan  5 07:23:01 newamanda crontab[13699]: (amandabackup) BEGIN EDIT
Jan  5 07:23:47 newamanda crontab[13699]: (amandabackup) END EDIT (amandabackup)
Jan  5 07:25:38 newamanda crontab[13751]: (amandabackup) BEGIN EDIT
Jan  5 07:25:53 newamanda crontab[13751]: (amandabackup) END EDIT (amandabackup)

thanks in advance!

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