[CentOS] poppassd and different password

Thu Jan 6 07:23:20 UTC 2011
fakessh at fakessh.eu <fakessh at fakessh.eu>

hello centos network

I installed poppassd (the deposit razor edge) to change easily
passwords of users of my system
I allow connections on port 106 that locally
I have configured pam
I did install the plugin roundcubemail password in webmail
everything seems to work well

my question is simple

on my system for some users, I built

well I manage to change the password of users with the interface
roundcubemail webmail
but I wonder if the password and changes in the chroot
or also to the outside of the chroot

question may seem stupid but I do not know ...
any comments are welcome

nb: Happy New Year
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-key 092164A7

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