[CentOS] Installation question

Sat Jan 15 12:19:25 UTC 2011
Parshwa Murdia <b330bkn at gmail.com>


I am new in the world of CentOS and Linux. I am not a computer professional
but want to do work in Linux, for which I am trying to learn the Linux
basics. Having a PC at home and somebody told me CentOS is a great Linux
distro for stability.

I am having some basic queries which are as follows:

1. I am having the PC and already installed is Fedora Core 11 as well as
Windows XP (dual boot). Fedora has unstability because of its EOL. If I want
to install the Cent OS for home PC (personal), should the installation CD
(after getting it burned) would prompt me to replace the existing Linux
(i.e. Fedora) or would it try to install into the whole of the memory? My
requirement is to only replace the existing Fedora Core 11 but to make the
Windows remain intact.

2. Though I am new in Linux, and even Fedora commands I don't know much but
majority of the commands in Cent OS and Fedora are same?

3. What Cent OS should I download and install? I mean for a single PC at
home, can I install the server CentOS or simple CentOS?

I hope that Cent OS would be good to use at home.

Parshwa Murdia
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