[CentOS] Basic Permissions Questions

Wed Jan 26 10:12:34 UTC 2011
James Bensley <jwbensley at gmail.com>

Hi List :)

So, I have a folder1, its owner is user1 who has r+w on the folder.
User2 is the group owner who only has read access (when I say user2, I
mean the group called user2, because when you make a new user the OS
can make them their own group). You can see these permissions below:

[user2 at host test]$ ls -l
drw-r-----  3 user1    user2   28 Nov  2 16:17 folder1

How ever user2 can not 'cd' into this directory, and gets the
following out put form 'ls -l folder1'

[user2 at host test]$ ls -l folder1/
total 0
?--------- ? ? ? ?            ? sub-folder

And the sub-folder name is written in white text flashing on a red
background. So, it seems to me that there is some permissions problems
here. What permissions are required on the group settings to allow a
group user to browser folder1 and its sub folders and read the files
in side if it isn't 'r' ?

**Note: I have used sudo to replicate permissions through the directy structure:

[user2 at host test]$ sudo ls -l folder1/
drw-r----- 2 user1 user2 4096 Jan 24 06:49 sub-folder



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