[CentOS] Cold install kernel .config file

Fri Jan 28 21:19:22 UTC 2011
Tom G Murphy <tmurphy at conveycomputer.com>

Convey uses a highly modified CentOS kernel to work with our attach  
coprocessor.  Currently to setup a system for delivery we do a cold  
install using a "stock" CentOS cold install using kickstart.  During  
that cold install we lay down our modified kernel and reboot the  
system with that kernel.  After the reboot we are able to access the  
coprocessor management processor and down load updated firmware then  
reboot the system to have a completed install.

My goal is to be able to boot a "modified" kernel on the cold install  
step so we can download the firmware updates and eliminate the second  

I have tried using using the bzImage generated from the modified  
kernel build but that kernel fails to be able to load the kickstart  
file :-(

I have done searches trying to find the .config file used to build the  
kernel booted during cold install but have had no luck.

I am guessing I have either have too much or too little included in  
the kernel.   I tried to make sure everything I thought was needed  
were not modules but included in the kernel.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Tom Murphy
Platform Support
Convey Computer
tmurphy at conveycomputer.com
Support Site: http://conveysupport.com/
Support Ticket : http://rt.conveysupport.com/

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