[CentOS] sshd problem

Mon Jan 31 11:52:59 UTC 2011
Yang Yang <dapiyang at gmail.com>

my server is on centos 5.5,it is just a new reinstall system

i build a php depend on server and used nginx,php,mysql

ssh is default 22 port

The system perfomance good a few time.but it is always happen a problem only
need hardware reboot to solve.the server is on idc.so i can not see the
local screen information.

the appearance is:
1.it can not use ssh to connect,it show server is down or rebooting
2.ping is ok
3.http can show nginx's information(nginx/0.8.46),but can not load right
page,and it show 403 forbiden page

i use another server use    ssh -vv  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,and the responce is:



sshd hangs after SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent

i do not know what happen,please give me a good answer

thanks erverbody
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