[CentOS] Building RPMs for CentOS

Mon Jan 31 15:45:09 UTC 2011
Marcos Lois Bermúdez <marcos.discalis at gmail.com>


Some times i need to build packages for CentOS, the major requeriment is 
build some missing module or package newer version required to run some 

I setup a mock build enviroment to compile packages, all is working as 
expected, but i enconter problem to share this work in a source repo, i 
try to figure out how other people are making this, in CentOS i have no 
idea on which source repo are kept the package metadata, specs and 
patches, but in other repos, epel for example it only versions specs and 
patches, all binary files are downloaded in the time that the srpms are 
built to send to mock (koji in their case), fedora is swiching from a 
Makefile per package to a fedpkg tool to work with package sources.

I see that a friend will be spectool, and some of scripting i can get a 
build system from source version control, but i think that this already 
is made, so i'm don't want to reinvent the well, i prefer help other 
people in make more robust system.

There is a currently model for package metadata store and common task work?


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