[CentOS] php 5.1.6 vulnerability in CentosPlus repo

Spike Turner spiketurner09 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 3 08:28:03 UTC 2011

--- On Sat, 2/7/11, John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com> wrote:

> That's not been supported in, literally, ages.  You
> may want to consider
> a "yum update" once in a while.
> And yes, that specific version has multiple known and
> exploitable
> security issues.
>     John

I'm running it on an internal box not accessible from the internet. I do run a yum update and that seems to be the latest CentOS Plus version.


You can see that the kernels are updated but the php is not, so I don't see why you said I should consider "running a yum update once in a while". 


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