[CentOS] getting old mail every 5 months or so

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Jul 5 17:29:21 UTC 2011

on 7/5/2011 9:34 AM Bob Hoffman spake the following:
> Using centos 5.x, sendmail, as a server, downloading mail with 
> thunderbird (although this happened with outlook too)
> every 5 or 6 months I open my mail client (thunderbird) and one of my 
> mail accounts decides to download 1,000 or so mails from my server. Old 
> mail that I had already downloaded before.
> I changed no settings and everything is the same as it was, but this 
> happens enough, on all accounts, that it is just weird. It is like it 
> gets to a certain size and then redownloads the same mails. And they are 
> the same mails. I have had 'redownloads' of the same emails each time.
> I look in the queue, nothing there...same with the mailboxes in the user 
> folders, var/spool/mail....
> these mails are being held somewhere by centos, but I cannot find 
> them...and they seem to want to all be downloaded again and again every 
> 6 months..
> what am I missing?
> thanks
You are missing a lot of detail, and also hijacked someone elses thread.
What MDA... using pop3 or imap... etc...

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