[CentOS] CentOS on the HP MicroServer

Devin Reade gdr at gno.org
Wed Jul 6 03:04:18 UTC 2011

I was looking at the marketing hype on those machines, and they look
like they take a standard 3.5" SATA drive.  OTOH, some pictures of 
the HP model drives for the microserver look like there's some type
of handle on the front.  I'm assuming that this is the "hard disk
carrier" mentioned in the installation manual.

Does the basic microserver ship with four of those drive carriers,
or do they have to be purchased separately?

Also, would anyone who has a CentOS-based microserver with a
remote access card care to share any observations about that
card, such as integration aspects and accessing it in a 
completely windows-free environment?

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