[CentOS] Cluster Failover Troubleshooting (luci and ricci)

Ryan Bunce RBunce at micatholicconference.org
Thu Jul 7 15:50:51 UTC 2011

Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

You should provide your complete network setup (IP's routes, DNS) 
records for both systems, maybe someone else can find the error.


Original posting on mailing list:

Here is my network configuration:

                                       |------ 10.6.2.x -------- Web1 
------- 172.2.2.x ---|
Firewall -----  Switch -----------virt shared IP               |
                                           |------ 10.6.2.x -------- Web2 
------- 172.2.2.x ---|

I'm currently using internal DNS for testing so no public DNS has been 
registered.  I use the host file for the backend (172.x.x.x) network 
resolution.  Routing is pretty simple, I don't think there's a problem 
with that.

I think the piece that I need the most is some info on how to up the 
logging to provide additional debug information.  If someone knows how to 
turn that up I'm sure I could come up with some more information to 
troubleshoot on my own.

Thanks again.

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