[CentOS] Bug in CentOS Autotools

Nicolas Thierry-Mieg Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr
Fri Jul 8 09:50:51 UTC 2011

John J. Boyer wrote:
> The same project that works fine in rhel doesn't work in CentOS the
> configure script produced by autoconf is bad. I suspect that CentOS is
> not including a needed development file.
> The project was developed over many years by autotools experts.
> If you want to try it I'll give you the URLs for fetching both
> liblouisand libluiusutdml from their repositories, or you can get them
> from the download page at http://www.abilitiessoft.com

let me repeat: minimal test-case?
people won't be inclined to help you debug your whole program, but they 
might help if you have a small test-case that triggers your issue.

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