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Sun Jul 10 13:28:16 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-07-10 at 10:23 +0200, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

> Anyhow, that is my personal impression and opinion, sharpened by many 
> years of double standards, blackmails, attacks, armed conflicts, 
> corrupted politicians and common thieves masked as fighters for 
> democracy, "civil and ascended" NGO's telling us we are all bunch of 
> murderers, etc., my country (Serbia) had endured (and still endures) in 
> last 20 years, all because we refused to surrender to NATO. In first 
> world war we lost 1/3 of the population fighting against Axis countries. 
> In second we lost 1/4 of population fighting against same Axis and 
> bombings of western side of Alied forces at the end of the war. Then in 
> 1990 we endured western-intelligence-agencies-enticed civil war. Then we 
> were bombed in operation "Merciful Angel" in 1999 that bombed our 
> hospitals with cassette and uranium bombs, and you are now telling me 
> that world is in fact pink and corporations all play fair... If I am 
> wrong than I will have to start visiting shrink(s).

Having been very emotional distraught circa 1992-1994 when I repeatedly
argued passionately with my work colleagues that western (i.e. British)
aircraft attacking Serbian tanks and artillery would stop the massacre
of thousands of civilians from all parts of Yugoslavia, I wish to assert
that genocide and mass murders by any bunch of people is fundamentally
wrong. It is still happening today in Africa and probably elsewhere.

I saw the horrific scenes from Yugoslavia on television night after
night while the rest of the world was uncaring and inactive despite the
urgency of a determined military response to protect the civilians.

When limited UN Forces intervened, I remember with pride a British army
colonel (now a Conservative MP (member of the British Parliament))
angrily telling the murdering military that unless they stopped he would
instruct his force to open fire on them.

I visited Beograd during the UN sanctions and witnessed the run-down
conditions and the ad hoc petrol filling stations along the main roads -
cars parked at 90 degrees to the road with a large plastic container on
the bonnet. They said Hungarian petrol (bezine) was best because it
contained less water.

I stayed at the Beograd hotel where people were gunned-down. I had a
meeting in a building in the middle of the freezing winter with all the
windows wide open because the stench of dead bodies from the floor
beneath us was overpowering.

I am glad peace has come and I hope Europe never ever again tolerates
such a shameful period in its history.

Being friends, working together and respecting others is best.

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