[CentOS] Restore the moved directory

beklan biseri at ciu.edu.tr
Tue Jul 12 06:44:24 UTC 2011

I used the partedmagic cd to move the etc directory from /home/ to / . When
I reboot the system everything seems ok. But suddenly it shows an error like

 (none) login: /bin/sh: invalid options -n
Try '/bin/sh --help' fore more information
INIT : Id "x" respawning too fast:disabled for 5 minutes

I think some files corrupted. Are there any way to fix  the corrupted files?


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On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 16:24 +0300, beklan wrote:

> By mistake, I moved the directory /etc to the /home. How  can i restore
> sytem back (or, at least that directory back)?

I would download Parted Magic, make a CD and boot from it.


The Linux CD installs into RAM and allows you to mount drives and, I
assume, copy or move directories. I found it useful for correcting
errors in fstab and creating directories as well as partitioning drives.

Good Luck.

With best regards,


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