[CentOS] Switch from SL -> Centos

夜神 岩男 supergiantpotato at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Jul 12 09:05:14 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 14:17 +0100, James Hogarth wrote:
> >
> > Downloaded centos-release-6-0.el6.centos.5.x86_64.rpm and
> > redhat-logos-60.0.14-10.el6.noarch.rpm from CentOS repo
> >
> > rpm -e --nodeps sl-release redhat-logos
> > rpm -hiv redhat-logos-60.0.14-10.el6.noarch.rpm
> > centos-release-6-0.el6.centos.5.x86_64.rpm
> >
> > yum update
> >
> > reboot, and voilà
> >
> The above would only update a package if the centos repos had a higher
> version number than the installed SL one.... I would strongly suggest
> something akin to yum reinstall \* and leave it to chug away (backups
> first naturally) for a while to refresh all the packages and teh rpm
> database to be in sync with the centos build..... requires matching,
> same build options for sure etc etc....
> In the event something crops up it at least eliminates an odd untested
> mix for certain fundamental packages like glibc etc....

An idle question:

What is the advantage of switching to CentOS 6 if you already are
running SL6? Or at least... what is the purpose? I'm not really clear on
the difference (other than CentOS is the noisier bit of the party).


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