[CentOS] Problem with net-install

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plnet.rs
Tue Jul 12 13:31:12 UTC 2011

Drew wrote:
>> CentOS 6 was not really intended for slower systems, none of the newer
>> distros are. CentOS 6 kernel for example does not support 586 CPU's.
> I'd like to know where you read that because I'm looking at putting
> CentOS 6 onto a couple of lower end boxes, specifically a
> P3-800(mobile) and an older VIA EPIA, which are fully supported in
> CentOS 5.
Generally, when you develop any app, you add more and more features and 
you need more powerful hardware to run at the same speed.

Fedora 12-15 for example need more space on boot partition (500MB is I 
am not mistaken) and CentOS5/Fedora6 only needed <100MB.

I am sure other optimizations were made in kernel and in other packages 
in order to exploit all features of modern hardware. And since Linux 
distro's are developed by vast number of developers mostly like newest 
and greatest, it is logical to expect bloated code. When you add to the 
mix the fact that most of the developers is more focused on adding new 
features (that need more power to be done) then on fixing bug (a long 
time problem for Fedora, Ubuntu, all distros using bleeding edge 
software) then optimizing the code so it can run on older hardware is 
not likely to happen.

Packages in RHEL 5.0(x) were designed to run optimally on hardware from 
4-5 years. Similarly, RHEL 6 packages are reflection of the today 
software and I don't expect any optimizations for older hardware.

That being said, I never said it will not run on older hardware, just 
that they (most developers of most packages) don't care that much about 
older hardware, and my reply was aimed at gradual disappearance of CD 
medium from more and more distro's. Reply could be "take DVD drive from 
somewhere and hook it up instead of CD drive, then return it when you 


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