[CentOS] Howto create a VPN connection on desktop (CentOS 6)

John Hodrien J.H.Hodrien at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Jul 13 11:52:42 UTC 2011

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011, John Hodrien wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Jul 2011, Mark Weaver wrote:
>> What I've attempting to do is make it possible for me to connect to
>> clients' servers where RRAS service is already running using PPTP so
>> that I can connect remotely while I'm running Linux on my laptop so I
>> don't have to stop what I'm doing and boot Windows.
> Does pptp and pptp-setup from EPEL get you to where you want to be?

Sorry, that's just me being out of date and talking crap.

I've never got on with NetworkManager-pptp in the past, so have used the base
pptp client instead along with my own startup scripts.


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