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> > (2011/07/13 12:07), Edo wrote: 
> >> .... “exclude=*.i?86” in your /etc/yum.conf
> Like many, I dislike both i386 and x64 packages being installed on my
> x64 machines.
> However, is there a potential danger than in installing only x64
> packages, one of the required files might be available only in i386
> format and thus detrimentally excluded ?

If there is some program you want or need and use yum to install it, yum
will install any needed dependencies.  If the package needs an i386
package, yum will install it or if you have an "exclude=*.i?86", yum
will complain that there are unresolved dependencies (and tell you what
they are).  You can then edit /etc/yum.conf to make whatever exceptions
are needed.

I don't think any of the core packages are dependent on any i386

> Some illuminating clarity is welcome.

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