[CentOS] firewall?

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plnet.rs
Sat Jul 16 12:20:24 UTC 2011

Keith Roberts wrote:
> So I guess I could configure my single NIC Centos 5.6 
> machine connected to a 4 port ADSL router to act as the 
> external Gateway for other machine on the LAN side of the 
> router, possibly using NAPT on the Centos box?

Yes, you can do that. You can also use it as a proxy server.

When I said "firewall", I meant as firewall for the network, facing 
outside of the local network. There were people who would bring public 
(or semi-public, from ISP) IP to the switch and then hook up all PC's to 
that switch and use 2 subnets, one that ISP provided and one for the 
local LAN, all on the same switch, to save on hardware. That is not safe 
  and not wise.

Having firewall, as a software, running on the PC/server is good 
practice, sometimes even in the local environment, if you use it in the 
network that "external" people will hook up their PC's to and you have 
important data on it. Rare cases, but do exist. Better safe then sorry.


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