[CentOS] About I386 not fitting on one DVD

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 06:01:17 UTC 2011

> really, we should have compiler targets for optimizing on the P4
> 'netburst' CPUs and another for the core processors as they are all
> pipelined differently.   as it turns out, however, the core 2 and core
> I3/5/7 do pretty well with pentium-II and -III style optimization
> strategies, as well as, of course, the x86_64 support.

gcc does have compiler flags (read up on -march & -mtune) for
optimizing to specific families of Intel CPU's. The problem is that
the performance improvement of tuning say an i7 to it's
family(-march=corei7) vs a generic i686 tune(-march=i686) is minimal
(less then 1% in benchmarks I've seen) and not worth the extra
complexity of managing entire branches of packages for specific
processor families. It makes sense however for the x86 vs x86-64 as
there's some pretty fundamental differences there.


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