[CentOS] About I386 not fitting on one DVD

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plnet.rs
Sun Jul 17 07:57:26 UTC 2011

david wrote:
> Just a thought
> If the I386 (or i686, never could figure out why the name change) 
> disk doesn't quite fit on the DVD+, and needs a DVD-, this might put 
> some folks at an inconvenience.
> I wonder if the difference between fitting and not fitting is small 
> enough, so that some amount of pruning might make it fit on the DVD+R 
> image.  Some ways to prune could be:

CentOS 6.1 i386(mostly for compatibility sake I think) will come out on 
2 DVD-s also, that was already announced around a week ago, so that is 
already settled.


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