[CentOS] CUPS LAN printing problem (from Vista)

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plnet.rs
Mon Jul 18 15:35:54 UTC 2011

Keith Roberts wrote:
> I have my main machine running Centos 5.6, and it has a HP 
> Deskjet 810c printer physically attached to it. CUPSD 
> broadcasts in on my LAN as the default printer. I can print 
> to the default HP printer over the LAN, from a laptop 
> running Centos 5.6.
> However, I do have problems trying to print to this 
> same printer over the LAN, from a laptop running 
> M$ Vista.

What does this mean? "My car wont run, what should I do to make it run???"

Can you provide a lot more info?

I think Windows still needs driver for that printer. When you add 
network printer from another Windows driver is installed automatically. 
Do you have Vista driver installed for that printer? Do you see the 
printer at all....


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