[CentOS] CentOS 6.0 chkconfig strange behavior

Jerry Moore tech10 at mcn.org
Fri Jul 22 18:10:29 UTC 2011


I'm noticing some strangeness with chkconfig on CentOS 6.0 and was looking for a bit of advice.

It appears that chkconfig is re sequencing or re ordering the start priority of various services when turning on a service using chkconfig.
Example is the network service. Under normal circumstances network is set to start at S10. However when I add something like snmpd and invoke chkconfig snmpd on it will change network to S81. Which fouls up some of my other services that look for config files on NFS shares.

Testing this issue with the snmpd service I removed $network from Required-Start which did nothing.

The only solution I've found is to remove the entire BEGIN INIT INFO to END INIT INFO section. Once that is removed it no longer changes the network startup priority when enabling the snmpd service.

Seems to me that you'd want network started before snmpd. So why chkconfig wants to re arrange it to start after snmpd which defaults to S50 is beyond me.

So why would it do that? Did I miss some documentation or something? :-)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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