[CentOS] Updated Kernel sensors modules

Dejan centos at bektchiev.net
Mon Jul 25 16:04:33 UTC 2011

Last week I upgraded my box to CentOS 6 and I'm very impressed so far with it.

The only small issue so far is that it doesn't seem to recognize the
new Sandy Bridge Core i5 CPU that I have and you can't monitor its

I recompiled the latest coretemp module from the latest 2.6.39 kernel
and the latest lm_sensors version however this still wasn't enough as
the new module loads fine but still reports that there were no sensors

I booted a Fedora 15 install and it recognized the CPUs and started
reporting the temperatures so obviously the modules are there but
maybe the coretemp is not the only thing that is needed.

Does anyone know what else is needed for the sensors to be recognized?


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