[CentOS] HOWTO install CentOS 6 on low memory computer or virtual machine (even 192MB RAM)

Tomasz Ostrowski tometzky+centos at prhn.dnsalias.org
Wed Jul 27 13:48:34 UTC 2011

On 07/27/2011 01:06 PM, R P Herrold wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Jul 2011, Tomasz Ostrowski wrote:
>> I've managed to install CentOS 6 on a 192MB virtual machine using LiveCD
>> install-to-disk graphical method.
> So long as you are going through all this, why not just 
> install to taste into a chroot with yum or RPM, rsync into a 
> prepared hard drive, optionally fix up the fstab grub.conf 
> settings, and run grubby or do a mkinitrd and grub 
> initialization

I think installing using installer, even if you have to hack it a
little, is much easier and faster than that. And allows for easy
partitioning, setting up for example software RAID etc. And installer
will take care of proper selinux labeling, partition alignment etc.

Installing normally on a virtual machine of the same disk size as target
system and then copying disk image over network using LiveCD is another
possible approach, also simpler than yours.

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